Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bikini bar & grill

So the place that used to be Dakine's, then a Dakine's spinoff, then a Dakine's knockoff apparently is now going to be a bar and grill.

They are building up the deck area which should give a better view. I hope the food is good and reasonably priced. You have to wonder if the stop-serving-by-9 pm beer license is going to work for them.

UPDATE: Ok, so they are no longer going to be the Bikini Bar... I guess someone else in the mall didn't approve it. I'm going to guess it was Hooters that pulled out the veto stamp. There's a yellow piece of paper stuck to the door now that says "Surfer Bar".

UPDATE #2: The sun has set on the Surfer Grill. They opened at a bad time in a bad spot with marginal food. They did do a good job of fixing up the deck and they had a pretty good happy hour, but never much of a crowd. They were closed every Monday and for the whole holiday break. There's simply a hand written "Closed" sign with a sad face.


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