Sunday, March 30, 2008

Converting MP3's to ringtones for Sprint PCS phone

These are the steps that I used to use for converting MP3's to ringtones for my Sprint PCS phone (free!). This was a really popular post on my site before TA shutdown. I no longer use Sprint (on AT&T waiting for my iPhone), but can probably help if you run into a problem with these steps.

A. Convert MP3 to WAV
1. I have been using JetAudio to convert (Other apps, like WinAmp work too):
2. Locate the MP3 in Windows Explorer
3. Single right click on the file and select "JetAudio | Convert with JetAudio"
4. From the "Output format" drop-down select: WAV
5. Click the "Config..." button
6. Click the "Select WAV Format..." button
7. Select "PCM" for the "Format" drop-down
8. Select "8,000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono" for the "Attributes" drop-down
9. Click "OK"
10. Click "OK" again
11. Click the "Start" button
NOTE: By default the WAV file will be in the same folder as the source MP3 file.
B. Edit length to 30 seconds
NOTE: I'm using the Windows Sound Recorder to shorten the length
1. Click "Start" and select "Run..."
2. In the "Open" field type:
3. Click the "OK" button
4. From the main menu select "File" and click "Open..."
5. Double click on the WAV you created above
6. Cut out sections of song with "Edit| Delete Before/After Current Position"
NOTE: If the volume of the ringer is too low, the volume can be increased:
- From Sound Recorder's main menu, select 'Effects'
- Click on 'Increase Volume (by 25%)'

7. Save the shortened file with the "File | Save As..." option
8. Make sure the Format is: PCM 8,000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono
NOTE: Use the "Change..." button if it's not correct
NOTE: Any other setting and the end result will sound like a chicken
C. Convert the WAV to smaller QCP format (Qualcomm PureVoice file)
1. Download, install and open the GCD Creator from:
2. Click the "WAV to QCP" button on the left
3. Click the ">" button
4. Browse to and double click on the altered WAV file created above
5. Click the "Convert WAV" button
NOTE: The QCP file is created in the same folder as the source WAV
D. Upload file to your Sprint PCS phone
1. Open your browser to:
2. Click the browse button, navigate to your desktop
3. Double click on the .QCP file you created
4. Give it a title
5. Type in your Sprint PCS phone number
6. Click the "Send to Phone" button
E. Load on your Sprint PCS phone
1. You will get a "New Text" message
2. View the message
3. Click the "Go" button
4. It will say that this is "Not trusted content", select "Continue" radio button
NOTE: It downloads to phone
5. On the "Confirm" dialog select the "Use" radio button and click "OK"

From here it will exit the browser and you can play, set as or erase.

If the ringer volume is too low compared to your other ones, the volume can be adjusted in section B, number 6.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trunk opener switch

Part Number: 25380-42g00
Name: Trunk opener switch
For: Nissan Pathfinder 1993 (surf vehicle)

The switch that opens the tailgate broke and I could no longer open the tailgate window from inside the vehicle. In fact, since a key broke off in the rear lock, there was no way to open it at all.

I went to Kragen, but they didn't have the part and told me to check with Nissan. The local Nissan dealer figured out the part number, but the item was not in stock. Plus it listed at $40.77. Too rich for my blood.

I couldn't find anything cheaper online. So, I went to Radio Shack to see if they carried switches... and luckily enough they do. I got a automotive switch for $2.99 (2750739 SPST 25A Rocker) and stuck it in there. It works great. Looks ghetto, but works great. Plus since the struts that hold open the glass are shot, it would always close on it's own. Then I would have to go back to the driver's area to open it again. Now I can lock it in the open position until I'm done.


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