Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trunk opener switch

Part Number: 25380-42g00
Name: Trunk opener switch
For: Nissan Pathfinder 1993 (surf vehicle)

The switch that opens the tailgate broke and I could no longer open the tailgate window from inside the vehicle. In fact, since a key broke off in the rear lock, there was no way to open it at all.

I went to Kragen, but they didn't have the part and told me to check with Nissan. The local Nissan dealer figured out the part number, but the item was not in stock. Plus it listed at $40.77. Too rich for my blood.

I couldn't find anything cheaper online. So, I went to Radio Shack to see if they carried switches... and luckily enough they do. I got a automotive switch for $2.99 (2750739 SPST 25A Rocker) and stuck it in there. It works great. Looks ghetto, but works great. Plus since the struts that hold open the glass are shot, it would always close on it's own. Then I would have to go back to the driver's area to open it again. Now I can lock it in the open position until I'm done.

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