Sunday, August 17, 2008

first imperssions: Olympus 770 SW

After a bit of research, I purchased the Olympus 770 SW (Amazon ~$200). I got it specifically to take with me while surfing. I took a bright orange shoe string and attached it to the strap eyelet. When surfing I either keep it in my trunk pocket or around my neck.

  • The xd "H" memory card is hard to find (curently using the "M"
  • No view finder, you have to use the screen - which is tough to see in direct sun
  • Photos turn out best when the right mode is selected (like underwater) - there are 20+ modes!
  • It's hard to quickly change modes and they aren't ordered the way I would like (wish you could customize this)
  • Water stays on the lens which has messed up several pictures
  • There are tiny drops of water in the battery/memory card area after opening the door
  • Very hard to read the white button labels (camera is dull silver) , more contrast is needed
  • great size
  • tough (I have landed on it with no damage)
  • Can take a burst of pictures in most modes - great for action shots
  • good photos
After a few days, I'm overall very happy with it. I have a lot to learn about shooting in the water, but that's part of the fun. I've been taking about 70 shots per session ... I got a 500 gb external drive to store the photos.

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