Monday, October 27, 2008

recession/depression soup

recession/depression soup

Soup solved two problems for me by helping me lose weight and save money. That wasn't the intent at first. I had to eat soup after I got my wisdom teeth out. I noticed it filled me up and I lost a few pounds.

The disadvantage though was all soups have really high salt content. And what's the deal with the nutrition label on canned soup being for two servings? Do people really only eat half a can? So I started making my own soup that's healthier. The wedding gift that we got that I use the most is the crock pot. We actually got two, one is solar... It's just not that sunny in San Diego. I haven't used it yet. Plus I would have to put it on the roof.

Costco leftovers also lend themselves well to soup. I usually make the soup a day or two after the Costco run. This will make about 8 good size servings (two weeks of workday meals for me). It's more like a spicy chili than a soup if you get technical...
  1. Set the crock pot to low heat for four hours.
  2. Add olive oil and work it around to lightly cover the bottom
  3. Add two cups of brown rice
  4. Add a handful of whole grape tomatoes (what wasn't used for salads the week before)
  5. Add a handful of sliced grape tomatoes (what wasn't used for salads the week before)
  6. Add 1/2 packet of chili powder (packets are ~1 and last at least two batches)
  7. Add couple of teaspoons of cumin
  8. Add couple of teaspoons of garlic powder (not salt)
  9. Add pepper as you like
  10. Add sliced and whole mushrooms (what wasn't used for salads the week before)
  11. Add dried shiitake mushrooms (big bag at Costco ~$10 and will last 10+ batches
  12. Add water to cover everything and mix
  13. Let this cook for two hours stirring occasionally
  14. Cut broccoli to small pieces and add (what wasn't used for salads the week before)
  15. Let this cook for one hour, stir as needed
  16. Add two good size frozen chicken breast (Costco!)
    or Add 8 turkey meatballs (costco)
  17. Once the chicken is pretty much cooked, remove and slice or shred and return to pot
  18. Cook until chicken is done (not pink)
  19. Examine the rice, most seem to cook around the 3:30 to 4 hour point. Extend cooking time as needed for rice to puff
  20. Remove and package
I use plastic containers and freeze about half and the other half in the fridge for this weeks lunch

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