Friday, January 16, 2009

Stolen and Recoverd: blue Electra RS bike

(photo taken before black Carver longboard installed)

I had my blue Electra Rally Sport stolen 1/15/2009 near the 4490 block of Fanuel (near Garnet). This happened sometime between 7 PM and 10 PM.

It's a single speed blue Electra Rally Sport with a partial Carver surf rack (black, paint chipping) .

I had a cable lock that they simply cut and left at the scene. I have the serial number and this has been reported stolen to the San Diego Police Department and Electra.

Update 1/28/2009:
Whoa! So after a tipster alerted me to an ad on Craigslist I was eventual able to recover the bike.

Apparently the guy had bought the bike from a "young couple" at a swap meet. He had purchased several bikes and paid $50 for mine. He reported that the surf rack was not on when he bought it though.

Getting back to the tipster, she emailed me late Sunday night. By the time I got to the email, I couldn't find the ad. After a bit of back and forth, she was able to send me a screen capture of the ad from her browser cache! I in turn posted another ad on Craigs listing his info.

Actually, to be fair, I did contract him asking about the bike. We emailed a few times and then I called. When I called, he reported that he had "just sold it 15 minutes ago and offered another bike instead. I thought all was lost at this point. So then I posted the "Stolen" ad, this time with a search in Google with his phone number, a copy of his ad and a specifics about my call and the conveyed my feeling of his sketchyness.

I got a few supportive email for me, one supportive of the seller and one from somebody who assumed I had the wrong bike because of a missing fin in my picture (it had rusted off and I took the photo to send to Electra when requesting a new one). I replied to all emails, but didn't have much hope.

Then later today, I was shocked to get an email from the guy. He knew he had sold my bike because of my description (specifically the rusted off kick stand). Apparently he was able to contact the guy he had resold my bike to and get it back. We emailed for a bit and then talked. He insisted I talked to the guy he sold it to (a Marine no less). I confirmed that this guy got his money back. After work, I picked up the bike.

The surf rack is missing, which was a bummer, but I now know how to make one! Somewhere along the line someone hastily painted over the rust and cleaned her up a bit... I tried to remove the over spray, but that didn't work. I now have a u lock and plan to ride her to work tomorrow.

Now I have two bikes...

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UnaOla said...

Hey Dave,

When I was living in PB there was a group of homeless dirtbags that would steal any bike they saw unattended.

I had 4 bikes stolen over 8 years in PB.

I caught a few of these bike thieves and gave them a little friendly reminder (choke hold) that stealing isn't nice :)


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